Special Orders

If you love one of our dresses, but would love it a little more with a slight change, we can help! 

We can make the following changes:

  • Length- shorten or lengthen
  • Lining color
  • Sleeve length
  • Other slight changes
  • Fabric- Customize the fabric to another existing in stock or available fabric.

What we cannot do:

  • Create a complete custom item from scratch
  • Duplicate designs of other designers or brands

To qualify for customization, the item must be a recent Helsi item and we must have the required fabric and trim in stock.   

While we will always try to accommodate our customers requests, we will not alter the item in a way that does not meet Helsi designer aesthetic.  Helsi reserves the right to deny any request on the basis of cost, timeline, fabric/trim availability, or design decisions.

The cost for customizations is the original price of the item, plus a minimum 20% customization fee.  We do not offer clearance, markdown, or promotional pricing for custom items.  The customization fee is determined based on the complexity of the request, fabric required, and the time that it will take to produce the item once payment has been made and all measurements collected from the customer.  

All custom items are final sale.  Customers will be required to take accurate measurements with a fabric measuring tape based on our measuring guidelines. Inaccurate measurements resulting in fit issues will be the customer's responsibility.  The tolerance of the finished item is +/-1/2 inch.  

Process for Custom Items:
  • Customer reaches out to Helsi with a customization request.
  • Helsi will confirm the details of the request and meet with the design team.
  • The design team will approve the request, and provide surcharge and delivery timeline.
  • The customer will be advised of surcharge and delivery timeline.  Please note that the timeline is based on the availability of our sample sewing team which varies by season.  We require a minimum of two weeks to cut, sew and ship your custom item.
  • If the customer decides to proceed, Helsi will send a request for measurements, including a how to measure guide. The customer will provide measurements to Helsi using a fabric tape measure.  Our team can assist you with the proper measuring technique, however the customer is ultimately responsible for taking accurate measurements. Please note that Helsi is not responsible for any fit discrepancies resulting from inaccurate customer measurements.
  • Helsi will send an invoice, which includes the timeline, cost, measurements, tolerance, fabric and other customization details.
  • The customer will pay the invoice, which constitutes confirmation of all measurements, customization details, cost and timeline.
  • Timeline will start on the next business day after the payment is made.
  • Prior to shipping, Helsi will send images of item with the final measurements.  Please note that the standard tolerance is +/- 1/2 inch.

If you have any questions please reach out to operations@shophelsi.com or via the chat function on our website.